Series: UCC28810

Part Number: UCC28810


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Digi-Key UCC28810DRG4-ND 0 $0.96 Buy
Digi-Key UCC28810DG4-ND 0 $0.60 Buy
Digi-Key 296-27162-5-ND 0 $1.15 Buy
Digi-Key UCC28810DRG4-ND 0 $0.96 Buy
Digi-Key 296-23905-6-ND 2500 $0.96 Buy
Texas Instruments UCC28810D 75 $0.82 Buy
Texas Instruments UCC28810DR 2230 $0.68 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28810DG4 899 $1.16 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28810DR 34 $0.96 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28810DRG4 0 $0.43 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28810D 6 $1.15 Buy
Verical Marketplace UCC28810DG4 7200 $0.39 Buy
Arrow North American Components UCC28810D 0 $0.00 Buy
Arrow North American Components UCC28810DR 0 $0.75 Buy
Arrow Europe UCC28810DR 5000 $0.31 Buy
Rochester Electronics UCC28810DR 732 $0.39 Buy
Verical Marketplace UCC28810DR 30 $0.70 Buy
Verical Marketplace UCC28810D 6000 $0.85 Buy
Arrow North American Components UCC28810DG4 0 $0.43 Buy
Arrow Europe UCC28810D 240 $0.95 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28810DG4 834 $0.42 Buy
Jak Electronics UCC28810DR 31725 $13.19 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28810D $0.42 Buy
RS Components UCC28810D $55.80 Buy
Win Source UCC28810D 3128 $0.70 Buy
Newark UCC28810D 1032 $0.99 Buy
AVNET Europe UCC28810D * $0.53 Buy
Farnell UCC28810D 1852 * $0.79 Buy
element14 APAC UCC28810D 1032 * $1.14 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific UCC28810D $0.43 Buy
TME UCC28810D 300 $0.88 Buy
Ameya360 UCC28810D 150 Buy
AVNET Europe UCC28810DR * $0.44 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28810DR 732 $0.35 Buy
Utmel UCC28810DR 31725 $1.79 Buy
element14 APAC UCC28810DR * $0.40 Buy
Farnell UCC28810DR * $0.30 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28810DRG4 $0.35 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific UCC28810DR 5000 $0.32 Buy
Win Source UCC28810DR 870 $0.85 Buy

UCC28810 LED Lighting Power Controller


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
28V @ 1.4A PFC Flyback Texas Instruments PMP4715
25V @ 2A PFC Flyback Texas Instruments PMP5560
Universal Input: 21V…26V @ 4A LED Driver Texas Instruments PMP5739
95VAC-305VAC Input: 50W SEPIC-PFC LED Driver Texas Instruments PMP5112
Flyback 12V@5A Texas Instruments PMP4705
PFC Flyback LED Converter 40V - 120V @ 0.35A Texas Instruments PMP4522
Universal Input 45W AC-DC LED Driver Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP6011
LED Driver for Area Light Texas Instruments PMP5732
PFC SEPIC (208V@0.110A Non-isolated LED String) for OLED Lighting Texas Instruments PMP5242
90 to 264Vac In 100W 4x500mA LED Lighting Driver W/O Aux Flyback Power Supply f/Vcc Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP4302B
PFC/Flyback for LED Lighting - 59V@2.5A Texas Instruments PMP4636
33.6W PFC LED Drive Texas Instruments PMP4618
BALLAST 50V@1.4A Texas Instruments PMP4518
50W PFC LED Drive Transition Mode Flyback Texas Instruments PMP2698
Universal AC Input 150W Single String 200V/700mA Output LLC Converter without CT Texas Instruments PMP4350
LED driver 80V@2A Texas Instruments PMP4530
70W PFC LED Bus Voltage Generator Texas Instruments PMP4625
LED driver 48V@0.7A Texas Instruments PMP4501
110W AC input 6-channel dimmable LED driver with DHC feature Texas Instruments PMP4334
Universal Input to 40V@700mA Sepic Texas Instruments PMP5714
18W AC-DC Indoor LED Driver Texas Instruments PMP6694
150W 51.5V Bus Voltage Generator Texas Instruments PMP5687
380V/350mA Dimmable LED Driver using Single String LLC Solution without Dimming FET Texas Instruments PMP4371
AC-mains LED Lighting with DALI DMX512 & Power Line Communications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-AC-LED-COM
Universal AC input(90V-264V) high efficiency 150W single string 200V/700mA output LLC converter Texas Instruments PMP4317
150VAC-264VAC Input, 100W SEPIC-PFC LED Texas Instruments PMP3976
35W PFC LED Drive Texas Instruments PMP5526
Single Stage Power Factor Corrected Isolated Flyback: Converts Offline Voltages to 10.5Vdc @2A Texas Instruments PMP10155
Multi-Transformer 2x25V (50V@700mA) Texas Instruments PMP5660
AC Input: 6 Channel LED Strings with 30W Output Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP4484