Texas Instruments

Series: TPS791

Part Number: TPS79147DBVT


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
DigiKey 296-13707-1-ND 3147 $1.56 Buy
AVNET Express TPS79147DBVT 7214 $0.72 Buy
RS Components TPS79147DBVT $237.90 Buy
RS Components (APAC) TPS79147DBVT $415.80 Buy
element14 APAC TPS79147DBVT 15 * $1.50 Buy
Win Source TPS79147DBVT 20000 $1.38 Buy
Newark TPS79147DBVT 29 $2.27 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPS79147DBVT $0.66 Buy
Farnell TPS79147DBVT 15 * $2.09 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS79147DBVT 1000 * $0.87 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS79147DBVT 46223 $1.44 Buy

TPS791 Ultralow Noise, High PSRR, Fast RF 100-mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulators


Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
TPS79301 Evaluation Module Evaluation board TPS79301EVM
SOT-23 LDO; 5-V to 1.8-V; 100-mA output power supply Evaluation board TPS76901EVM-127
DEM-SOT23LDO Compatible With Most Positive-Output LDO Regulators in 5- or 6-Lead SOT23 (DBV) Package Evaluation board DEM-SOT23LDO
TPS76933 evaluation module for SOT-23 LDO voltage regulator with 5-V to 3.3-V output power supply Evaluation board TPS76933EVM-127
TPS79328 Evaluation Module Evaluation board TPS79328EVM
TPS76XXXEVM-125 Evaluation Modules & Boards TPS76XXXEVM-125