Texas Instruments

Series: TPS736

Part Number: TPS73632DBVT


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DigiKey 2156-TPS73632DBVT-ND 2650 $3.03 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPS73632DBVT 413 $2.87 Buy
Win Source TPS73632DBVT 9000 Buy
AVNET Express TPS73632DBVT 1500 $1.18 Buy
AVNET Europe TPS73632DBVT * $1.31 Buy
Texas Instruments TPS73632DBVT 3000 $2.15 Buy
Newark TPS73632DBVT $1.52 Buy

TPS736 Single Output LDO, 400mA, Adj.(1.2 to 5.5V), Cap free, Low Noise, Reverse Current Protection


Application Notes

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