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Series: TMS320LF2402A

Part Number: TMS320LF2402APGS


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TMS320 - Digital Signal Processor, 16-Bit Size, 16-Ext Bit, 20MHz, PQFP64


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
A Software Modularity Strategy for Digital Control Systems Texas Instruments 09/06/2000
Code Composer Studio™ IDE v2.2 Profiler Texas Instruments 04/07/2003
A Variable-Speed Sensorless Drive System for Switched Reluctance Motors Texas Instruments 10/30/1999
Implementation of Speed Field Oriented Control of 3-Phase PMSM Motor Using 'F240 Texas Instruments 08/12/1999
TMS320F240 DSP Solution for Obtaining Resolver Angular Position and Speed Texas Instruments 10/04/1999
Flash Programming Solutions for the TMS320F28xxx DSCs Texas Instruments 08/19/2008
Cost-Effective, Simple Power Supply Solution forTMS320C24x DSPs Texas Instruments 05/30/2001
Getting Started in C and Assembly Code with the TMS320LF240x DSP (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/10/2002
Semiconductor and IC Package Thermal Metrics (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 07/05/2012
Implementing Speech-Recognition Algorithms on the TMS320C2xx Platform Texas Instruments 04/01/1998
Migrating Code Composer v4.12 Projects to Code Composer Studio v2.0 Texas Instruments 07/11/2002
Writing a C Callable Assembly Function Using the TMS320C2000 Texas Instruments 08/16/1999
Implementing JPEG with TMS320C2xx Assembly Language Software Texas Instruments 11/29/1999
Digital Sine-Wave Generation Using the TMS320C2xx Appl. Report Texas Instruments 08/01/1998
TMS320C2000™ DSP Controllers: A Perfect Fit for Solar Power Inverters Texas Instruments 05/05/2006
Implementing Triple Conversion Single Phase Online UPS Using TMS320C240 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 09/07/1999
Using C to Access Data Stored in Program Space Memory on the TMS320C24x DSP Texas Instruments 04/15/2002
Average Current Mode Controlled Power Factor Correction Converter..TMS320LF2407A (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/19/2005
Optimizing Digital Motor Control Libraries Texas Instruments 03/15/2007
Motor Speed Measurement Considerations Using TMS320C24x DSPs Texas Instruments 08/17/2001
Converting Analog Controllers to Smart Controllers with the TMS320C2000 DSPs Texas Instruments 06/07/2004
Implem. of a Current Controlled Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Using TMS320F240 Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
DSP Solutions for the Switched Reluctance Motor Texas Instruments 01/01/1997
Interfacing TMS320C20x DSPs to Intel 28Fxxx Flash Memories Texas Instruments 08/04/1999
3.3 V DSP for Digital Motor Control Texas Instruments 04/29/1999
Switched Reluctance Motor Control - Operation & Example Using TMS320F240 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 09/21/1999
Semiconductor and IC Package Thermal Metrics (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/19/2016