Texas Instruments

Series: TMS320C40

Part Number: TMS320C40GFL60


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TMS320 - Digital Signal Processors, 32-Bit Size, 32-Ext Bit, 60MHz, CPGA325


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Predator: A Posture Tracking System Texas Instruments 08/01/1997
TMS320C40 Emulator TIPs Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Parallel Digital Signal Processing: An Emerging Market Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
Prototyping the TI TMS320C40 to the Cypress VIC068/VAC068 VME Interface Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
Digital Monopulse Doppler Radar and DSP Teaching Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Optical Quality Assurance With Parallel Processors Texas Instruments 02/01/1996
Implementing Continuously Programmable Digital Filters w/ TMS320C30/40 DSP (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 08/01/1997
Implementing a Real-Time Application on a TMS320C40 Multi-DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
320C3x, 320C4x, and 320MCM42x Power-Up Sensitivity at Cold Temperatures (Rev. D) Texas Instruments 08/06/2004
'AMELIA' - An A/D-D/A Interface to the TMS320C40 Global Bus Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
Parallel Digital Signal Processing With the TMS320C40 Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
Implementing a Digital Tracker for Monopulse Radar Using the TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Creating an Interactive Simulation Environment Using TMS320C40 Multi-DSP System Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
A Parallel Approach for Matrix Multiplication on the TMS320C4x DSP Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
Designing With TMS320C40 Comm Ports: Part 1 Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
A Simple Way to Terminate Unused TMS320C40 Comm Ports Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Fast Logarithms on a Floating-Point Device Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Developing a Real-Time Person Tracking System Using the TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments 04/01/1997
Parallel Processing With TMS320C4x Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
A Global Visibility Classifier Based on a Multi-DSP System Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Video Restoration on a Multiple TMS320C40 System Texas Instruments 11/01/1996
TMS320C40 DMA Memory Transfer Timing Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Calculation of TMS320C40 Power Dissipation Texas Instruments 11/01/1993
A Hardware Monitor Using TMS320C40 Analysis Module & JTAG for Perf Measurements Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Design of Active Noise Control Systems With the TMS320 Family Texas Instruments 06/01/1996
Parallelizing and Optimizing a Simulator Kernel on a Multi-DSP Architecture Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Parallel 1-D FFT Implementation With TMS320C4x DSPs Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
A Novel Way of Using TMS320C40 Cache Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
TMS320C40 Boot Loader Selection Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
EDRAM Controller for the 60MHz TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997