Texas Instruments

Series: DLPA1000

Part Number: DLPA1000YFFR


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DLPA1000 is a dedicated PMIC / RGB LED driver for the DLP2000 Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) when used with a DLPC2607 digital controller. For reliable operation of these chipsets, it is mandatory to use the DLPA1000.


  • High-Efficiency RGB LED Driver With Buck-Boost DC-to-DC Converter and Integrated MOSFETS
  • Six Low-Impedance (<100 mΩ) MOSFET Switches for Channel Selection
  • Independent, 10-Bit Current Control per Channel
  • DMD Regulators
    • Requires Only a Single Inductor
    • VOFS: 8.5 V
    • VBIAS: 16 V
    • VRST: –10 V
  • Reset Generation and Power Supply Sequencing
  • RGB LED Strobe Decoder Supports:
    • Common-Anode RGBs
    • Cathode-Cathode-Anode RGBs
  • 33-MHz Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Multiplexer for Measuring Analog Signals
    • Battery Voltage
    • LED Voltage, LED Current
    • Light Sensor (for White Point Correction)
    • External Temperature Sensor
  • Monitoring and Protection Circuits
    • Hot Die Warning and Thermal Shutdown
    • Low-Battery and Undervoltage Lockout
    • Overcurrent and Undervoltage Protection
  • 49-Ball 0.4-mm Pitch, DSBGA Package


Evaluation Kits

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DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards DLPDLCR2000EVM