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Series: ADS7817

Part Number: ADS7817EB/2K5G4


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ADC Single SAR 200ksps 12-bit Serial 8-Pin VSSOP T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Analog-to-Digital Converter Grounding Practices Affect System Performance (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/18/2015
A Glossary of Analog-to-Digital Specifications and Performance Characteristics (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 10/09/2011
Interleaving Analog-to-Digital Converters Texas Instruments 10/02/2000
Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to TMS320C6x Processors Texas Instruments 12/02/2003
Voltage Reference Scaling Techniques Increase Converter and Resolution Accuracy (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/08/2015
High-Voltage Signal Conditioning for Differential ADCs Texas Instruments 06/14/2004
Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to TMS470 Processors Texas Instruments 03/15/2006
Short Cycling the 8-Pin ADS78xx Family Texas Instruments 09/27/2000
Determining Minimum Acquisition Times for SAR ADCs, part 1 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 11/10/2010
What Designers Should Know About Data Converter Drift Texas Instruments 10/02/2000
Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to TMS320C5x Processors Texas Instruments 04/28/2004
Principles of Data Acquisition and Conversion (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/16/2015
Determining Minimum Acquisition Times for SAR ADCs, part 2 Texas Instruments 03/17/2011
Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to MSP430 Processors Texas Instruments 07/28/2004
Coding Schemes Used with Data Converters (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/15/2015
Remove the DC Portion of Signals with the ADS7817 Texas Instruments 09/27/2000
Interfacing the ADS7822 to synchronous serial port of the 80x51 Microcontroller Texas Instruments 09/27/2000

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
ADS7817 Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards ADS7817EVM