MSP-TS430DA38 - 38-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F2x and MSP430G2x MCUs

Texas Instruments


MSP-TS430DA38 - 38-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F2x and MSP430G2x MCUs

Type: Development kit

Part number: MSP-TS430DA38

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Distributor SKU Stock Cost
DigiKey 296-30957-ND 2 $106.80 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-MSP-TS430DA38 1 $117.79 Buy
Verical Marketplace MSP-TS430DA38 9 $104.57 Buy
Newark MSP-TS430DA38 $119.83 Buy
Arrow North American Components MSP-TS430DA38 0 $102.69 Buy
RS Components MSP-TS430DA38 $107.41 Buy
element14 APAC MSP-TS430DA38 * $104.39 Buy
AVNET Europe MSP-TS430DA38 * $116.24 Buy
Texas Instruments MSP-TS430DA38 4 $89.00 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific MSP-TS430DA38 $111.89 Buy
AVNET Express MSP-TS430DA38 $105.02 Buy
Farnell MSP-TS430DA38 * $92.00 Buy

Technical Documents


Part Number Name Companion Part
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MSP430G2544IRHA40R MSP430G2544IRHA40R Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2544IRHA40T MSP430G2544IRHA40T Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2744IRHA40T MSP430G2744IRHA40T Buy Datasheet
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