INA180 and INA181 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments


The INA180 is an Op-Amp current sense integration circuit that provides ease of use and high performancce. The INA181 has the same capabilities of the INA180 but with the addition of the reference pin that enables bidirectional current measurements. The INA180-181EVM is intended to provide basic functional evaluation of this device family.  The fixture layout is not intended to be a model for the target circuit, nor is it laid out for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. The INA180-181EVM consists of one PCB with an option to cut out eight individual PCBs one for each of the eight devices (INA180A1, INA180A2, INA180A3, INA180A4, INA181A1,  INA181A2,  INA181A3 and INA181A4).


  • Evaluation of all gain options for the INA180Ax and INA181Ax
  • Ease of access to device pins with test points
  • Capability to evaluate high-side and low-side configurations

Type: Evaluation Modules & Boards

Part number: INA180-181EVM

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Digi-Key 296-46655-ND 7 $12.00 Buy
Texas Instruments INA180-181EVM 55 $10.00 Buy
Texas Instruments INA180-181EVM 55 $10.00 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-INA180-181EVM 8 $12.99 Buy
Verical Marketplace INA180-181EVM 101 $11.58 Buy
Arrow North American Components INA180-181EVM 0 $11.61 Buy
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Farnell INA180-181EVM 3 * $12.08 Buy
Newark INA180-181EVM 17 $14.22 Buy
AVNET Express INA180-181EVM $11.80 Buy

Technical Documents


Part Number Name Companion Part
INA180A1IDBVT INA180A1IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA180A1IDBVR INA180A1IDBVR Buy Datasheet
INA180A2IDBVT INA180A2IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA180A2IDBVR INA180A2IDBVR Buy Datasheet
INA180A3IDBVT INA180A3IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA180A3IDBVR INA180A3IDBVR Buy Datasheet
INA180A4IDBVT INA180A4IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA180A4IDBVR INA180A4IDBVR Buy Datasheet
INA181A1IDBVT INA181A1IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA181A1IDBVR INA181A1IDBVR Buy Datasheet
INA181A2IDBVT INA181A2IDBVT Buy Datasheet
INA181A2IDBVR INA181A2IDBVR Buy Datasheet