MSP430FR6047 Ultrasonic Sensing Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments


The EVM430-FR6047 evaluation kit is a development platform to evaluate the performance of the MSP430FR6047 MCUs for ultrasonic sensing applications (e.g. smart water meters). The MSP430FR6047 MCU is an ultra-low-power device with an integrated ultrasonic sensing analog front end (USS) for high precision and accurate ultrasonic measurements. The device also includes the low-energy accelerator (LEA) for optimized signal processing that helps in optimizing power for a longer battery lifetime. The EVM provides a flexible solution to enable engineers to quickly evaluate and develop with the MSP430FR6047 MCU with a variety of transducers ranging from 50KHz to 2.5MHz. The EVM has the capability to display the measurement parameters with on-board LCD and connectors for RF communication modules.


  • USB powered and provision for external power
  • Connector available to interface with different transducer types
  • BoosterPack plug-in module headers available to interface with external boards (I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO) and RF communication modules
  • On-board segmented LCD
  • On-board eZ-FET emulation circuit to enable programming and debug

What's Included:

  • EVM430-FR6047 evaluation board
  • Transducer not included

Type: Evaluation Modules & Boards

Part number: EVM430-FR6047

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Texas Instruments EVM430-FR6047 147 $175.00 Buy
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