DLP? LightCrafter Display 2010 EVM

Texas Instruments


DLP LightCrafter Display 2010 is an easy to use, plug and play evaluation platform for the DLP2010 chipset, which includes the DLP2010 ( .2 WVGA) DMD, DLPC3435 display controller and DLPA2005 PMIC/LED driver. This EVM comes equipped with an optical engine that enables quick evaluation of the DLP2010 chipset for ultra-mobile and ultra-low power display applications. Its modular design allows the exchange of multiple light engines to fit diverse equipment design needs.

Two versions of the evaluation module are available:

  1. DLPDLCR2010EVM: Full-featured version that includes boards, optical engine, DMD, flex and LED cables

  2. DLPDLCR2010EVM-PCB: Includes the PCB main and display boards only (does not include optical engine, DMD, flex or LED cables)


  • EVM compatible with wide range of optical modules
  • Standard HDMI-input interface offers plug-and-play functionality with various devices.
  • Get started quickly with simple yet powerful USB-based GUI
  • Comes powered with IntelliBright suite of image processing algorithm to dynamically optimize system brightness or power

What's included:


  • DLP2010, DLP 0.2 WVGA DMD
  • DLPC3435, Digital Controller for the DLP2010 DMD
  • DLPA2005, PMIC/LED Driver for the DLP2010 DMD and DLPC3435 controller
  • Optical engine from Asia Optical
  • DLP2010, DLPC3435 Configuration and Support Firmware
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 USB Cable ( for communication with USB based GUI tool)
  • Power supply sold separately.


Type: Evaluation Modules & Boards

Part number: DLPDLCR2010EVM

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