AXC-SMALLPKG1EVM for Small Package Direction-Controlled Translation Devices

Texas Instruments


This EVM is designed to support SN74AXC8T245 in the RJW package and SN74AXC1T45 in DEA and the DTQ packages. There is also option of populating the SN74AVC4T245 in the RSV package. It is also designed to support the bus hold and Q1 devices for the respective channel counts.

The AXC devices belong to the low voltage direction controlled translation family with operating voltage from 0.65V to 3.6V with 12mA of drive strength. The AVC are low voltage translation devices operating from 1.2V -3.6V with lower drive strength of 12mA.


  • High speed SMB connector available
  • Ground port for each header pin supports high speed measurement
  • DIR and OE pin have the option of 10K ohm resistor pullup or pulldown
  • Layout optimized for high speed connectivity
  • Highlights the Small Package technology of TI

Type: Evaluation Modules & Boards


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Texas Instruments AXC-SMALLPKG1EVM 6 $20.00 Buy
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Technical Documents


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN74AXC1T45DTQR SN74AXC1T45DTQR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC1T45DEAR SN74AXC1T45DEAR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC1T45DCKR SN74AXC1T45DCKR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC1T45DRLR SN74AXC1T45DRLR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC1T45DBVR SN74AXC1T45DBVR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC8T245RJWR SN74AXC8T245RJWR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC8T245RHLR SN74AXC8T245RHLR Buy Datasheet
SN74AXC8T245PWR SN74AXC8T245PWR Buy Datasheet