ADS122U04 evaluation module

Texas Instruments


The ADS122U04 evaluation module (EVM) is a platform for evaluation of the ADS122U04 analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADS122U04 is a 24-bit, 2-kSPS, 4-channel, low-power delta-sigma ADC with a UART interface for sensor measurement and process control applications. The ADS122U04 also includes an integrated oscillator, reference, and PGA enabling precision measurement of a wide range of input signals. Use the ADS122U04EVM and Delta-Sigma ADC EvaluaTIon Software (DELTASIGMAEVAL-GUI) to reduce prototype development time and get products to market faster.


  • Includes all required support circuitry for ADS122U04
  • Delta-Sigma ADC EvaluaTIon Software (DELTASIGMAEVAL-GUI) enables quick configuration and analysis
  • Configurable inputs, references, and supplies
  • Easily accessible signals via test points and headers

What's included:

  • ADS122U04 EVM
  • USB micro-B plug to USB-A plug cable

Type: Evaluation Modules & Boards

Part number: ADS122U04EVM

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Digi-Key 296-ADS122U04EVM-ND 1 $118.80 Buy
Texas Instruments ADS122U04EVM 41 $99.00 Buy
Texas Instruments ADS122U04EVM 41 $99.00 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-ADS122U04EVM 5 $132.71 Buy
Verical Marketplace ADS122U04EVM 70 $142.97 Buy
AVNET Express ADS122U04EVM $116.82 Buy

Technical Documents


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