Video Operational Amplifier

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/02/2000


In analog technology, important advances are being made in video operational amplifiers, both in processing and in circuitry. The following article is concerned exclusively with explaining these key t


Part Number Name Companion Part
OPA2682N OPA2682N Datasheet
OPA2682N/2K5 OPA2682N/2K5 Buy Datasheet
OPA2682U OPA2682U Datasheet
OPA2682U/2K5 OPA2682U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA3682E/250 OPA3682E/250 Datasheet
OPA3682E/2K5 OPA3682E/2K5 Datasheet
OPA3682U OPA3682U Buy Datasheet
OPA3682U/2K5 OPA3682U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA631N/250 OPA631N/250 Datasheet
OPA631N/3K OPA631N/3K Datasheet
OPA631U OPA631U Datasheet
OPA631U/2K5 OPA631U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA632N/250 OPA632N/250 Datasheet
OPA632N/3K OPA632N/3K Datasheet
OPA632U OPA632U Buy Datasheet
OPA632U/2K5 OPA632U/2K5 Buy Datasheet
OPA634N/250 OPA634N/250 Datasheet
OPA634N/3K OPA634N/3K Buy Datasheet
OPA634U OPA634U Datasheet
OPA634U/2K5 OPA634U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA635N/250 OPA635N/250 Buy Datasheet
OPA635N/3K OPA635N/3K Datasheet
OPA635U OPA635U Buy Datasheet
OPA635U/2K5 OPA635U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA642N/250 OPA642N/250 Buy Datasheet
OPA642N/3K OPA642N/3K Buy Datasheet
OPA642NB/250 OPA642NB/250 Datasheet
OPA642NB/3K OPA642NB/3K Datasheet
OPA642P OPA642P Buy Datasheet
OPA642PB OPA642PB Datasheet
OPA642U OPA642U Datasheet
OPA642U/2K5 OPA642U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA642UB OPA642UB Datasheet
OPA642UB/2K5 OPA642UB/2K5 Datasheet
OPA660AP OPA660AP Buy Datasheet
OPA660AU OPA660AU Buy Datasheet
OPA660AU/2K5 OPA660AU/2K5 Datasheet
OPA680N/250 OPA680N/250 Datasheet
OPA680N/3K OPA680N/3K Datasheet
OPA680P OPA680P Buy Datasheet
OPA680U OPA680U Datasheet
OPA680U/2K5 OPA680U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA682N/250 OPA682N/250 Buy Datasheet
OPA682N/3K OPA682N/3K Datasheet
OPA682P OPA682P Buy Datasheet
OPA682U OPA682U Buy Datasheet
OPA682U/2K5 OPA682U/2K5 Datasheet