Using TMS320C6416 Coprocessors: Turbo Coprocessor (TCP) (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/22/2006


The turbo coprocessor (TCP) is a programmable peripheral for decoding IS2000/3GPP turbo codes that are integrated into the Texas Instruments (TI™) TMS320C6416 digital signal processor. The TCP is controlled via memory-mapped control registers and data buffers. Control registers can be accessed directly by the CPU whereas data buffers are typically accessed using the EDMA controller. This a


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS32C6416DGLZ6E3 TMS32C6416DGLZ6E3 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416DGLZK5E0 TMS32C6416DGLZK5E0 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416ECLZA5E0 TMS32C6416ECLZA5E0 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416EGLZ6E3 TMS32C6416EGLZ6E3 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416EGLZA5E0 TMS32C6416EGLZA5E0 Buy Datasheet