Using the TPS62125 in an Inverting Buck-Boost Topology (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/11/2014


The TPS62125 is a DCS-Control™ topology synchronous buck dc-to-dc converter designed for low-power applications. It features a wide operating input voltage range from 3 V to 17 V, 300-mA output current, and adjustable output voltage of 1.2 V to 10 V. This device is well-suited for applications such as ultra lowpower microprocessors, energy harvesting, and low-power RF applications. Moreover, the TPS62125 can be configured in an inverting buck-boost topology, where the output voltage is inverted or negative with respect to ground. This application note describes the TPS62125 in an inverting buck-boost topology for use in low current negative rails for operational amplifier or optical module biasing and other low-power applications.


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