Using the Scaler in the TVP5154

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 03/31/2006


The TVP5154 video decoder product includes the additional functionality of an integrated polymorphic down-scaler for both vertical and horizontal scaling. The video images can be downscaled in both ho


Part Number Name Companion Part
TVP5154AIPNP TVP5154AIPNP Buy Datasheet
TVP5154AIPNPR TVP5154AIPNPR Buy Datasheet
TVP5154APNP TVP5154APNP Buy Datasheet
TVP5154APNPR TVP5154APNPR Buy Datasheet
TVP5154PNP TVP5154PNP Buy Datasheet
TVP5154PNPR TVP5154PNPR Buy Datasheet