Using the AM18xx Bootloader (Rev. C)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/23/2014


This application report describes various boot mechanisms supported by the AM18xx bootloader read-only memory (ROM) image. Topics covered include the Application Image Script (AIS) boot process, an AI


Part Number Name Companion Part
AM1806EZCE4 AM1806EZCE4 Buy Datasheet
AM1806EZCED4 AM1806EZCED4 Buy Datasheet
AM1806EZWT3 AM1806EZWT3 Buy Datasheet
AM1806EZWT4 AM1806EZWT4 Buy Datasheet
AM1808EZCE4 AM1808EZCE4 Buy Datasheet
AM1808EZCED4 AM1808EZCED4 Buy Datasheet
AM1808EZWT4 AM1808EZWT4 Buy Datasheet
AM1808EZWTA3 AM1808EZWTA3 Buy Datasheet