Using the ADS7800 12 Bit ADC with Unipolar Input Signals

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/02/2000


The ADS7800 12 bit Sampling analog-to-digital-converter is designed to operate with bipolar inputs of ±5V or ±10V. With the addition of an external amplifier the ADS7800 can be used for 10V or 20V unipolar inputs. Four unipolar input options are shown in this Bulletin.


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS7800AH ADS7800AH Buy Datasheet
ADS7800BH-BI ADS7800BH-BI Buy Datasheet
ADS7800JU/1KE4 ADS7800JU/1KE4 Buy Datasheet
ADS7800JUE4 ADS7800JUE4 Buy Datasheet