Using SimpleLink MSP432E4 microcontrollers over the JTAG interface (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11 Jan 2019


The IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990, IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture (JTAG) is a method for verifying designs and testing printed circuit boards after assembly. It is used as the primary means for transferring data to a nonvolatile memory of an embedded system and debugging embedded software.

This application report describes the physical connections for JTAG and design considerations to be taken into account for a custom board. It also shows how to use the JTAG interface on the SimpleLink™ MSP432E4 LaunchPad™ development kit for debugging the onboard microcontroller using an external debugger, or by using the onboard debugger for debugging an off-board microcontroller.


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP432E411YTZAD MSP432E411YTZAD Buy Datasheet
MSP432E411YTZADR MSP432E411YTZADR Buy Datasheet
MSP432E401YTPDT MSP432E401YTPDT Buy Datasheet
MSP432E401YTPDTR MSP432E401YTPDTR Buy Datasheet
MSP-EXP432E401Y MSP-EXP432E401Y Buy Datasheet