Using DS34RT5110 HDMI Cable Equalizer for 4K Resolution

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/14/2015


The DS34RT5110 can be used as a TMDS equalizer, capable to support 3 data and 1 clock lines up to 3.4 Gbps per data line (or up to 340 MHz pixel clock). It is capable to support common displ


Part Number Name Companion Part
DS22EV5110SQ/NOPB DS22EV5110SQ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DS22EV5110SQE/NOPB DS22EV5110SQE/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DS22EV5110SQX/NOPB DS22EV5110SQX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DS34RT5110SQ/NOPB DS34RT5110SQ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DS34RT5110SQE/NOPB DS34RT5110SQE/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DS34RT5110SQX/NOPB DS34RT5110SQX/NOPB Buy Datasheet