Using ADS8410/13 in Daisy Chain Mode

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 05/22/2006


Many applications require multiple analog-to-digital converters (ADC) in a system. Daisy chaining multiple ADCs enables the use of a single data receiver or a small FPGA. It offers easy and minimal di


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS8410IRGZT ADS8410IRGZT Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IBRGZR ADS8413IBRGZR Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IBRGZRG4 ADS8413IBRGZRG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IRGZR ADS8413IRGZR Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IRGZRG4 ADS8413IRGZRG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IRGZT ADS8413IRGZT Buy Datasheet
ADS8413IRGZTG4 ADS8413IRGZTG4 Buy Datasheet