Using a Decompensated Operational Amplifier for Improved Performance

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 03/30/2001


Decompensated operational amplifiers have improved noise, slew rate, harmonic distortion, etc., but required external compensation for stable operation. This report shows how to compensate such an amp


Part Number Name Companion Part
THS4011CDG4 THS4011CDG4 Buy Datasheet
THS4011CDGN THS4011CDGN Buy Datasheet
THS4011CDGNG4 THS4011CDGNG4 Buy Datasheet
THS4011CDRG4 THS4011CDRG4 Buy Datasheet
THS4011IDGNR THS4011IDGNR Buy Datasheet
THS4011IDGNRG4 THS4011IDGNRG4 Buy Datasheet
THS4021CD THS4021CD Buy Datasheet
THS4021IDGN THS4021IDGN Buy Datasheet