U-154 The New UC3879 Phase-Shifted PWM Controller Simplifies the Design

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/05/1999


This application note introduces the UC3879 integrated circuit and compares its performance to that of its predecessors, the UC3875/6/7/8 controller family. These integrated circuits provide all neces


Part Number Name Companion Part
UC1879J UC1879J Datasheet
UC1879J883B UC1879J883B Datasheet
UC2879DW UC2879DW Buy Datasheet
UC2879DWG4 UC2879DWG4 Buy Datasheet
UC2879DWTR UC2879DWTR Buy Datasheet
UC2879DWTRG4 UC2879DWTRG4 Buy Datasheet
UC2879J UC2879J Datasheet
UC2879N UC2879N Buy Datasheet
UC2879NG4 UC2879NG4 Buy Datasheet
UC3879DW UC3879DW Buy Datasheet
UC3879DWG4 UC3879DWG4 Buy Datasheet
UC3879DWTR UC3879DWTR Buy Datasheet
UC3879DWTRG4 UC3879DWTRG4 Buy Datasheet
UC3879J UC3879J Buy Datasheet
UC3879N UC3879N Buy Datasheet
UC3879NG4 UC3879NG4 Buy Datasheet