Transmission at 200 Mbps in VME Card Cage Using LVDM (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/04/2002


Test results at a TI LVDS Multipoint (LVDM) system show that a VME backplane with an LVDM electrical layer can support signaling rates to 200 Mbps. The performance of differential with the SN65LVD


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN65LVDM176DGK SN65LVDM176DGK Buy Datasheet
SN65LVDM176DGKG4 SN65LVDM176DGKG4 Buy Datasheet
SN65LVDM176DGKR SN65LVDM176DGKR Buy Datasheet
SN65LVDM176DGKRG4 SN65LVDM176DGKRG4 Buy Datasheet
SN65LVDM176DR SN65LVDM176DR Buy Datasheet
SN65LVDM176DRG4 SN65LVDM176DRG4 Buy Datasheet