TPS61060 Voltage Regulation Mode

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/10/2006


The TPS61060, TPS61061, and TPS61062 are efficient white light-emitting diodes (WLED) drivers. The standard mode of operation is to regulate a constant current through a string of WLEDs, but these ICs


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS61060DRBR TPS61060DRBR Buy Datasheet
TPS61060DRBRG4 TPS61060DRBRG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS61060YZFR TPS61060YZFR Buy Datasheet
TPS61060YZFT TPS61060YZFT Buy Datasheet
TPS61061DRBR TPS61061DRBR Buy Datasheet
TPS61061DRBRG4 TPS61061DRBRG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS61061YZFT TPS61061YZFT Buy Datasheet
TPS61062DRBR TPS61062DRBR Buy Datasheet
TPS61062YZFR TPS61062YZFR Buy Datasheet
TPS61062YZFT TPS61062YZFT Buy Datasheet