TMS320VC5509 to TMS320VC5509A Migration (Rev. C)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/10/2004


This document provides a summary of the differences between the TMS320VC5509 and TMS320VC5509A. All efforts have been made to provide a comprehensive list of the differences between the two devices, t


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320VC5509AGHH TMS320VC5509AGHH Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509AGHHAU TMS320VC5509AGHHAU Datasheet
TMS320VC5509AGHHR TMS320VC5509AGHHR Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509APGE TMS320VC5509APGE Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509APGER TMS320VC5509APGER Datasheet
TMS320VC5509AZHH TMS320VC5509AZHH Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509AZHHR TMS320VC5509AZHHR Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509GHH31 TMS320VC5509GHH31 Buy Datasheet
TMS320VC5509PGE31 TMS320VC5509PGE31 Buy Datasheet
TMX320VC5509APGE TMX320VC5509APGE Buy Datasheet