TMS320DM6446 to TMS320DM6467 Migration

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11/17/2008


This document describes considerations for migration from Texas Instruments TMS320DM6446 Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC) to the TMS320DM6467 DMSoC. Both devices feature a dual-core architecture u


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320DM6446BZWT TMS320DM6446BZWT Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM6446BZWTA TMS320DM6446BZWTA Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM6446ZWT TMS320DM6446ZWT Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM6467CCUTA TMS320DM6467CCUTA Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM6467CZUTA TMS320DM6467CZUTA Buy Datasheet