TMS320C6416 Power-On Self Test (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02/06/2004


The Power-On Self Test (POST) is designed to verify the operation of the TMS320C6416. Six modules are included in this test: Chk6xTest MemoryEdmaTest VcpTest TcpTest McbspTest and TimerTest. These modules check the proper operation of the CPU core internal memory and several on-chip peripherals (EDMA McBSPs timers Viterbi and turbo decoder coprocessors).

It is important to note that thi


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS32C6416DGLZ6E3 TMS32C6416DGLZ6E3 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416DGLZK5E0 TMS32C6416DGLZK5E0 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416ECLZA5E0 TMS32C6416ECLZA5E0 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416EGLZ6E3 TMS32C6416EGLZ6E3 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6416EGLZA5E0 TMS32C6416EGLZA5E0 Buy Datasheet