Thermal Considerations for Designing a GaN Power Stage

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 19 Oct 2018


Thermal design is an important consideration in any power electronic converters. An optimized thermal design enables engineers to use GaN in a wide range of power levels, topologies, and applications. This application note discusses the most important tradeoffs and considerations for TI’s LMG341XRxxx GaN power stage family, including guidance for PCB layout, thermal interface, heat sink selection and mounting methods. Examples of designs using 50-m Ω and 70-m Ω GaN devices will also be provided.


Part Number Name Companion Part
LMG3410R050RWHT LMG3410R050RWHT Datasheet
LMG3410R070RWHT LMG3410R070RWHT Buy Datasheet
LMG3411R070RWHT LMG3411R070RWHT Buy Datasheet