The Current-Feedback Op Amp: A High-Speed Building Block

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/02/2000


Although current-feedback amplifiers (CFAs) have been in use for quite some time, there is a reluctance to view them in the same light as voltage-feedback amplifiers (VFAs). For instance, the gain-ban


Part Number Name Companion Part
OPA2658E/250 OPA2658E/250 Datasheet
OPA2658E/2K5 OPA2658E/2K5 Datasheet
OPA2658P OPA2658P Buy Datasheet
OPA2658U OPA2658U Buy Datasheet
OPA2658U/2K5 OPA2658U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA2658UB OPA2658UB Buy Datasheet
OPA2658UB/2K5 OPA2658UB/2K5 Datasheet
OPA2681N OPA2681N Buy Datasheet
OPA2681N-1 OPA2681N-1 Datasheet
OPA2681N-1/2K5 OPA2681N-1/2K5 Datasheet
OPA2681N-12 OPA2681N-12 Datasheet
OPA2681N/2K5 OPA2681N/2K5 Buy Datasheet
OPA2681N/2K5G4 OPA2681N/2K5G4 Datasheet
OPA2681N1 OPA2681N1 Datasheet
OPA2681U OPA2681U Buy Datasheet
OPA2681U/2K5 OPA2681U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA2681UG4 OPA2681UG4 Datasheet
OPA3681E/250 OPA3681E/250 Buy Datasheet
OPA3681E/2K5 OPA3681E/2K5 Buy Datasheet
OPA3681U OPA3681U Buy Datasheet
OPA3681U/2K5 OPA3681U/2K5 Buy Datasheet
OPA603AP OPA603AP Buy Datasheet
OPA603AU OPA603AU Buy Datasheet
OPA603AU/1K OPA603AU/1K Datasheet
OPA658N/250 OPA658N/250 Datasheet
OPA658N/3K OPA658N/3K Datasheet
OPA658NB/250 OPA658NB/250 Datasheet
OPA658NB/3K OPA658NB/3K Datasheet
OPA658P OPA658P Buy Datasheet
OPA658U OPA658U Buy Datasheet
OPA658U-1 OPA658U-1 Buy Datasheet
OPA658U/2K5 OPA658U/2K5 Datasheet
OPA658UB OPA658UB Buy Datasheet
OPA658UB/2K5 OPA658UB/2K5 Datasheet
OPA681N/250 OPA681N/250 Buy Datasheet
OPA681N/3K OPA681N/3K Buy Datasheet
OPA681P OPA681P Buy Datasheet
OPA681U OPA681U Buy Datasheet
OPA681U/2K5 OPA681U/2K5 Datasheet