SimpleLink Wi-Fi Enabled Electronic Smart Lock

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01 Dec 2017


This application report describes the development of Wi-Fi enabled electronic smart locks (e-locks). Specifically, the benefits of adding Wi-Fi to an e-lock design are examined.

Different Wi-Fi use cases are presented along with an estimate of system battery life for two main use cases. This application report demonstrates that SimpleLink Wi-Fi makes it possible to create a battery powered e-lock design that can be securely monitored and controlled from the cloud.


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC3220RM2ARGKR CC3220RM2ARGKR Buy Datasheet
CC3220SM2ARGKR CC3220SM2ARGKR Buy Datasheet
CC3220SF12ARGKR CC3220SF12ARGKR Buy Datasheet
DRV8833 DRV8833 Buy Datasheet
DRV8833CPWP DRV8833CPWP Buy Datasheet
DRV8837 DRV8837 Buy Datasheet
DRV8837CDSGR DRV8837CDSGR Buy Datasheet