Sensorless Field Oriented Control:3-Phase Perm.Magnet Synch. Motors Using 2833x

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/01/2013


This application report presents a solution to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)using the TMS320F2833x floating-point microcontrollers. TMS320F2833x devices are part of the family ofC2000 microcontrollers which enables the cost-effective design of intelligent controllers for three phasemotors by reducing system components and increasing efficiency. With these devices it i


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320F28335PGFA TMS320F28335PGFA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374DPTPT TMS320F28374DPTPT Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374DZWTS TMS320F28374DZWTS Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374SPZPT TMS320F28374SPZPT Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28376DPTPS TMS320F28376DPTPS Buy Datasheet