Secure In-Field Firmware Updates for MSP MCUs

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11/17/2015


In-field firmware update is a feature that is increasingly used in microcontroller-based applications today and important benefits include service and support to products that are already deployed in the field (for example being able to correct bugs or add new functionalities). As common as in-field firmware updates are in embedded systems this feature is also commonly exploited by attackers; if


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430FR59221IG56R MSP430FR59221IG56R Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5947IRHAR MSP430FR5947IRHAR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5948IDA MSP430FR5948IDA Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5948IRHAT MSP430FR5948IRHAT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5949IRHAT MSP430FR5949IRHAT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5958IRHAR MSP430FR5958IRHAR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5967IRGZR MSP430FR5967IRGZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5968IRGZT MSP430FR5968IRGZT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR59721IPM MSP430FR59721IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5972IRGCR MSP430FR5972IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5986IPM MSP430FR5986IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5986IPMR MSP430FR5986IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5988IPM MSP430FR5988IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5988IRGCR MSP430FR5988IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR59891IRGCR MSP430FR59891IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR59891IRGCT MSP430FR59891IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5989IPM MSP430FR5989IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5989IRGCT MSP430FR5989IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6920IG56R MSP430FR6920IG56R Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6920IRGCR MSP430FR6920IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69221IG56R MSP430FR69221IG56R Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69221IRGCR MSP430FR69221IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69221IRGCT MSP430FR69221IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6970IRGCR MSP430FR6970IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6977IPZR MSP430FR6977IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69791IPN MSP430FR69791IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69791IPZ MSP430FR69791IPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6987IPZR MSP430FR6987IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6988IPNR MSP430FR6988IPNR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69891IPN MSP430FR69891IPN Buy Datasheet