RF Sampling ADC with 800MHz of IBW LTE

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/08/2016


This document describes a candidate device, ADC32RFx5, for the next generation (5G) cellular system that shows a total of 800 MHz of Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW) using Long Term Evolution (LTE) patterns (40 of LTE 20 MHz) processed from Matlab after being captured from TSW14J56 evaluation module out of ADC32RFx5.

There are many of key technologies to help the air interface of 5G deployed in the near future such as enhanced data rate, reduced latency, increased frequency bands with a ultra-wide bandwidth. Massive MIMO (Multi-Input Multi-Output) will give us improved spectral efficiency for multi mobile users within cell, and hybrid beamforming will increase cell coverage for multi users. But, those architectures will increase hardware complexity and power consumption of the system while requiring large number of power-hungry converters. At the same time, massive connectivity for uplink (UL) also should be supported with scalable data rates for 5G system. To show much better spectral efficiency, 800 MHz of IBW is fed into ADC32RFx5 which is a direct RF sampling analog to digital converter (ADC).

Another aspect of 5G is the specification of future waveform which is still under discussion. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been a waveform for 4G system so far but the potential waveform of physical layer for 5G is not defined yet. There are some candidates to be deployed in 5G system in the future, which are filter bank multi carrier (FBMC), universal filtered multi carrier (UFMC), generalized frequency division multiplexing (GFDM) and filtered OFDM (f-OFDM). These kinds of future waveform will handle higher data rate with wider bandwidth than LTE pattern, and also have different filtering and windowing from 4G standards.

The ADC32RFx5 is a family of high performance dual channel 14-bit, 3-Gsps RF ADCs, capable of having input frequencies up to 2.5 GHz and beyond. Designed for high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), the ADC32RFx5 delivers a noise floor of –155 dBFS/Hz. Together with its exceptional spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) performance, this device can cover even the toughest receiver requirements such as multicarrier GSM and 5G receiver in the future.


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