Quick-Start Guide for bq27505 Family Gas Gauge

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/08/2009


The Texas Instruments bq27505 series system-side Li-ion battery fuel gauge is a microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell Li-ion battery packs. The device requires little system microcontroller firmware development. The bq27505 resides on the system main board and manages an embedded battery (nonremovable) or a removable battery pack.


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ27505YZGR-J3 BQ27505YZGR-J3 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGR-J5 BQ27505YZGR-J5 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J2 BQ27505YZGT-J2 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J3 BQ27505YZGT-J3 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J4 BQ27505YZGT-J4 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J5 BQ27505YZGT-J5 Buy Datasheet