Programming With the MSP430AFE2xx Family and the MSP430i20xx Family

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/10/2014


This application report enables the easy incorporation of the MSP430AFE2xx family of MCUs featuring the SD24_A module as well as the MSP430i20xx family of MCUs which features the SD24 module into new designs. It covers programming system and peripheral considerations when creating firmware. The intent is to highlight a few key differences between the two families and how to incorporate each


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430AFE221IPWR MSP430AFE221IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE222IPWR MSP430AFE222IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE223IPWR MSP430AFE223IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE231IPW MSP430AFE231IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE232IPWR MSP430AFE232IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE233IPW MSP430AFE233IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE251IPW MSP430AFE251IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE252IPW MSP430AFE252IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE253IPW MSP430AFE253IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2020TPW MSP430I2020TPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2020TPWR MSP430I2020TPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2021TPW MSP430I2021TPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2021TRHBR MSP430I2021TRHBR Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2031TPW MSP430I2031TPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2031TPWR MSP430I2031TPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2031TRHBT MSP430I2031TRHBT Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2040TPW MSP430I2040TPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2040TPWR MSP430I2040TPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2040TRHBR MSP430I2040TRHBR Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2040TRHBT MSP430I2040TRHBT Buy Datasheet
MSP430I2041TPW MSP430I2041TPW Buy Datasheet