Power-On Self Test for the TMS320C6472/TMS320TCI6486 (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/29/2009


This Power-On Self Test (POST) is designed to verify the operation of the TMS320TCI6486/TMS320C6472. Ten modules are included in this test: Chk6xTest MemoryEdmaTest TimerTest TsipTest I2cTest SrioTest EmacTest MdioTest and MultigemTest. These modules check the proper operation of the CPU cores internal memory cache operations and several on-chip peripherals: EDMA3 Timers TSIP PLLs S


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320C6472ECTZ TMS320C6472ECTZ Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6472ECTZA6 TMS320C6472ECTZA6 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6472EZTZA6 TMS320C6472EZTZA6 Buy Datasheet