OPT3001: Ambient Light Sensor Application Guide

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/02/2014


Electronic devices that use light sensors are becoming much more prevalent. Devices ranging from outdoor lighting to display backlighting use a light sensor to alter lighting conditions or lighting control based on the ambient lighting of the scene. The OPT3001 is an ambient light sensor (ALS) that is designed to have a similar spectral response to that of the human eye. This application report describes how to integrate the OPT3001 into an optical system that best enhances the human experience. This document describes how to calculate the proper sizing of a window and compensate for the added effects of translucent material.


Part Number Name Companion Part
OPT3001DNP OPT3001DNP Buy Datasheet
OPT3001DNPR OPT3001DNPR Buy Datasheet
OPT3001DNPT OPT3001DNPT Buy Datasheet