Non-Linear Improvement of the MSP430 14-Bit ADC Characteristic

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 06/22/1999


This application report shows nonlinear methods--with quadratic and cubic equations--to improve the accuracy of the 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of the MSP430 family. The methods used differ in RAM and ROM requirements calculation speed achievable improvement and complexity. The influence of the restricted calculation accuracy for 8-bit coefficients is compared to the accuracy of fl


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MSP-EVK430A320 MSP-EVK430A320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-EVK430B320 MSP-EVK430B320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-STK430A320 MSP-STK430A320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-STK430B320 MSP-STK430B320 Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIFN MSP430P325AIFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPG MSP430P325AIPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPM MSP430P325AIPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IFN MSP430P325IFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPG MSP430P325IPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPM MSP430P325IPM Buy Datasheet
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PMS430E325FZ PMS430E325FZ Buy Datasheet