Low-Power Pedometer Using an MSP430 MCU

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 05/28/2013


This application report describes a low-power pedometer example application that uses an MSP430F5229 microcontroller and the TI Pedometer firmware algorithm. This application was developed and targeted for the health and fitness markets.Fitness monitors typically measure both a person's amount and rate of exercise (traveled distanced and pace) as well as effort expended (calories burned in the p


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F5229IRGCT MSP430F5229IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5229IYFFT MSP430F5229IYFFT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5229IZQER MSP430F5229IZQER Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5252IZQE MSP430F5252IZQE Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5252IZQER MSP430F5252IZQER Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5253IRGCT MSP430F5253IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5253IZQE MSP430F5253IZQE Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5254IRGCT MSP430F5254IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5255IRGCR MSP430F5255IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5255IZQER MSP430F5255IZQER Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5256IRGCT MSP430F5256IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5256IZQE MSP430F5256IZQE Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5257IZQER MSP430F5257IZQER Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5258IRGCT MSP430F5258IRGCT Buy Datasheet