LC Sensor Rotation Detection With MSP430 Extended Scan Interface (ESI)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/28/2014


This application report describes the implementation of a flow meter using the Texas Instruments MSP430FR6989 microcontroller with the Extended Scan Interface (ESI) module. This module can provide a contactless sensing approach to detecting a rotating disc. The number of rotations of the disc indicates the volume flow of gas or water and can be used to calculate the fee for the user. This applicat


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430FR5887IPMR MSP430FR5887IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5888IRGCT MSP430FR5888IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5986IPM MSP430FR5986IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5986IPMR MSP430FR5986IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5988IPM MSP430FR5988IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5988IRGCR MSP430FR5988IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR59891IRGCR MSP430FR59891IRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR59891IRGCT MSP430FR59891IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5989IPM MSP430FR5989IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR5989IRGCT MSP430FR5989IRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6877IPN MSP430FR6877IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68791IPN MSP430FR68791IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68791IPNR MSP430FR68791IPNR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6887IPZR MSP430FR6887IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6888IPN MSP430FR6888IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68891IPN MSP430FR68891IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68891IPNR MSP430FR68891IPNR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68891IPZ MSP430FR68891IPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR68891IPZR MSP430FR68891IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6977IPZR MSP430FR6977IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69791IPN MSP430FR69791IPN Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69791IPZ MSP430FR69791IPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6987IPZR MSP430FR6987IPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR6988IPNR MSP430FR6988IPNR Buy Datasheet
MSP430FR69891IPN MSP430FR69891IPN Buy Datasheet