Launchpad-Based MSP430 UART BSL Interface (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/02/2012


This application report describes the implementation of the low-cost LaunchPad™-based MSP430 universal synchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) bootstrap loader (BSL) interface. The goal of the implementation is to deploy the MSP430 Value Line devices that have less than two serial interface modules as the bridge between the BSL Scripter software tool and the MSP430 target device.


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F5438AIPZ MSP430F5438AIPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5438AIPZR MSP430F5438AIPZR Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2231IN14 MSP430G2231IN14 Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2231IPW14R MSP430G2231IPW14R Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2231IRSA16R MSP430G2231IRSA16R Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2231IRSA16T MSP430G2231IRSA16T Buy Datasheet