Key Design Considerations for the bq27500 and bq27501

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/30/2007


This application report provides the basic operating theory and key design considerations for the bq27500 and bq27501 single-cell, Li-ion fuel gauge ICs with the Impedance Track™ algorithm. The


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ27500DRZR BQ27500DRZR Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZR-V100 BQ27500DRZR-V100 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZR-V100G4 BQ27500DRZR-V100G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZR-V120 BQ27500DRZR-V120 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZR-V120G4 BQ27500DRZR-V120G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZT BQ27500DRZT Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZT-V100 BQ27500DRZT-V100 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZT-V120 BQ27500DRZT-V120 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZT-V120G4 BQ27500DRZT-V120G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500DRZT-V130 BQ27500DRZT-V130 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500YZGR-V130 BQ27500YZGR-V130 Buy Datasheet
BQ27500YZGT-V130 BQ27500YZGT-V130 Buy Datasheet
BQ27501DRZR BQ27501DRZR Buy Datasheet
BQ27501DRZT BQ27501DRZT Buy Datasheet