Isolate your CAN systems without compromising on performance or space (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 19 Nov 2018


CAN interface has been a very popular serial communication standard in the industry due to its excellent prioritization and arbitration capabilities. In systems with different voltage domains, isolation is typically used to protect the low voltage side from the high voltage side in case of any faults. Isolation also breaks any ground loops allowing only the desired signals to be transmitted, thereby improving signal quality.

Isolated CAN is used for communication with the microcontroller in a wide range of applications such as solar inverters, circuit breakers, motor drives, PLC communication modules, telecom rectifiers, elevators, HVACs and EV charging infrastructures.


Part Number Name Companion Part
ISO1042DWR ISO1042DWR Buy Datasheet
ISO1042DWVR ISO1042DWVR Buy Datasheet
ISO1042QDWVRQ1 ISO1042QDWVRQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042QDWVQ1 ISO1042QDWVQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042QDWRQ1 ISO1042QDWRQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042QDWQ1 ISO1042QDWQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BQDWVRQ1 ISO1042BQDWVRQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BQDWVQ1 ISO1042BQDWVQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BQDWRQ1 ISO1042BQDWRQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BQDWQ1 ISO1042BQDWQ1 Buy Datasheet
ISO1042DWV ISO1042DWV Buy Datasheet
ISO1042DW ISO1042DW Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BDWVR ISO1042BDWVR Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BDWV ISO1042BDWV Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BDWR ISO1042BDWR Buy Datasheet
ISO1042BDW ISO1042BDW Buy Datasheet
ISO1050DW ISO1050DW Buy Datasheet
ISO1050DUBR ISO1050DUBR Buy Datasheet
ISO1050DUB ISO1050DUB Buy Datasheet
ISO1050DWR ISO1050DWR Buy Datasheet