Inverting Application for the LMZM33604/6

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 19 Oct 2018


The LMZM33606 is a 16 × 10 mm2 6-A rated synchronous step-down power module that features a wide operating input range from 3.5 V to 36 V with adjustable output voltage range from 1 V to 20 V. The LMZM33606 can be configured in an inverting buck-boost (IBB) topology with the output voltage inverted or negative with respect to input voltage. This application report shows how the conventional non-inverting evaluation board for the LMZM33606 can be configured for an inverting application. This application note also provides the additional level-shifter circuitry for EN and PGOOD pin if the feature is required. Note that the LMZM33604 is rated for 4A and pin-to-pin compatible with the LMZM33606.


Part Number Name Companion Part
LMZM33606RLXR LMZM33606RLXR Buy Datasheet
LMZM33604RLXR LMZM33604RLXR Buy Datasheet