Interfacing TPS57xxx-Q1 and TPS65320-Q1 Family Devices With Low Impendence External Clock Drivers

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 12/08/2015


This application report describes methods to interface TPS57xxx-Q1, TPS65320-Q1 Family, and TPS65321-Q1 devices to an external system clock. It proposes a new AC-coupled interface circuit avoiding any DC-bias conditions on the RT/CLK pin. This document also discusses important design details and provides optimizations of existing clock-interface circuits.


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS54618QRTERQ1 TPS54618QRTERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS57160QDRCRQ1 TPS57160QDRCRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65320BQPWPRQ1 TPS65320BQPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65320CQPWPRQ1 TPS65320CQPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65320QPWPRQ1 TPS65320QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65321QPWPRQ1 TPS65321QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet