Interfacing the VCA8617 with High-Speed ADCs

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 04/05/2005


The VCA8617 is an 8-channel variable gain amplifier ideally suited for portable and mid-range ultrasound applications. Each channel consists of a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and a Variable Gain Amplifie


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS5270IPFP ADS5270IPFP Buy Datasheet
ADS5270IPFPG4 ADS5270IPFPG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS5270IPFPTG4 ADS5270IPFPTG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS5271IPFPTG4 ADS5271IPFPTG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS5273IPFPG4 ADS5273IPFPG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS5273IPFPT ADS5273IPFPT Buy Datasheet
ADS5277IPFPG4 ADS5277IPFPG4 Buy Datasheet
ADS5277IPFPT ADS5277IPFPT Buy Datasheet
VCA8617PAGR VCA8617PAGR Buy Datasheet
VCA8617PAGT VCA8617PAGT Buy Datasheet
VCA8617PAGTG4 VCA8617PAGTG4 Buy Datasheet