Interfacing the TMS320F2833x to the AIC23B Stereo Audio Codec

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/04/2008


This application report describes the implementation of an audio application using the TLV320AIC23B stereo audio codec interfaced to the TMS320F28335 digital signal controller and the setup of the multi-channel buffered serial port (McBSP) and direct memory access (DMA) module to support the application.


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320F28335PGFA TMS320F28335PGFA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374DPTPT TMS320F28374DPTPT Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374DZWTS TMS320F28374DZWTS Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28374SPZPT TMS320F28374SPZPT Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28376DPTPS TMS320F28376DPTPS Buy Datasheet