Interfacing Low Power Serial (SPI) ADCs to the MSP430F449

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02/04/2005


This application report discusses the serial peripheral interface (SPI) implementation of a data acquisition system featuring the following devices: TLV2541, TLC2551, TLC3541, and TLC4541. These analo


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F449IPZ MSP430F449IPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP430F449IPZR MSP430F449IPZR Buy Datasheet
TLC2551IDG4 TLC2551IDG4 Buy Datasheet
TLC2551IDR TLC2551IDR Buy Datasheet
TLC3541ID TLC3541ID Buy Datasheet
TLC3541IDG4 TLC3541IDG4 Buy Datasheet
TLC3541IDR TLC3541IDR Buy Datasheet
TLC4541IDG4 TLC4541IDG4 Buy Datasheet
TLC4541IDGKR TLC4541IDGKR Buy Datasheet